Chapter Initiative Fund

What is the ACS Georgia Chapter Initiative Fund?

The Georgia Society of the American College of Surgeons (GS-ACS) has partnered with the American College of Surgeons Foundation to set up a special fund, the ACS Georgia Chapter Initiative Fund and all gifts to that fund will be held for use by GS-ACS.

GS-ACS may use the funds to cover the costs of any initiative that advances the mission of the American College of Surgeons.  ACS Fellows in Georgia who contribute to the ACS Foundation now have an opportunity to direct their gifts to Georgia surgeons and initiatives.

All gifts to the American College of Surgeons Georgia Chapter Initiative Fund will be held by the American College of Surgeons Foundation (ACS Foundation) as restricted gifts for the benefit of the Georgia Society of the ACS.

Anyone may donate to the ACS Georgia Chapter Initiative Fund. In addition, many employers offer a matching program for employees making charitable donations.

The American College of Surgeons Foundation is a 501C-3 nonprofit as established by the IRS.  This tax status means that donations towards the Georgia Chapter Initiative Fund are considered charitable contributions and are thus tax deductible.

How do I give to the Georgia Chapter Initiative Fund?

Giving to the ACS Georgia Chapter Initiative Fund is quite simple. Go online to the ACS Foundation website to start the process.  Under the Designation tab, select Georgia Chapter Fund and follow the prompts after that to complete your gift.

GSACS Chapter Champions

Platinum Supporters ($1,000+)

Gold Supporters ($500-$999)

  • Dr. Thomas E. Reeve III

Silver Supporters ($1-$499)

  • Dr. Wendy R. Greene
  • Kathryn Browning