Ensuring the Future of Georgia Surgeons

What is SURGPAC?

SURGPAC is a political action committee (PAC) formed to raise and spend money to elect candidates that are friendly to the practice of  Surgery and the patients served by Georgia Surgeons.

Who can contribute to SURGPAC?

Any person, business or corporation can contribute to SURGPAC. So encourage the vendors that come into your office to contribute to SURGPAC.

Are there limits on contributions to SURGPAC?

There is no limit on the amount of money that you can give to SURGPAC, nor is there a limit on the number of contributions.  There are limits on the amount of contributions that SURGPAC and individuals can give directly to candidates.

How will SURGPAC help the practice of Surgery in Georgia?

SURGPAC is a political action committee that seeks to change the face of Georgia politics by electing more pro-surgeon candidates to the state legislature, helping to retain current legislators that support Georgia Surgeons and the patients they serve and defeating those legislators that pose a threat to the practice of Surgery.

In short, if we can not change their minds, we will change their faces.

Why should I join SURGPAC?

As always, it boils down to money.

Money is the fuel that runs the political engine and without a strong political action committee; Georgia Surgeons and their patients are doomed from the start.

Medicine is the most highly regulated profession in the nation now.  And particularly in Georgia, Surgeons are at the mercy of the state legislature.

While Surgeons are busy taking care of their patients, third parties, primarily on the state level are deciding your professional fate.

SURGPAC is an investment in your future.  Like it or not, money for SURGPAC is part of the cost of doing business now.

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